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Over 275 factors are used to determine Google's search engine rankings. Although SEO is a very detailed process, unique to each website, the approach below represents a set of core principles. The elements described here are part of all our SEO campaigns, regardless of size, industry or competition. They are the foundation of any SEO strategy.

  1. Research & Campaign Strategy Development
  2. Campaign Execution
  3. Performance Tracking
  4. Campaign Adjustments

Research & Strategy Development

The first step is to understand your business goals, target audience, competitors & current web presence.

SEO Optimization

SEO is typically divided into two categories On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. A well-rounded SEO strategy uses on/off-site methods in combination to maximize effectiveness.

Onsite/Markup SEO

This includes changes made to the code of the website to improve search engine ranking and conversion rates. (website structure, hyperlink optimization, meta-tags, site maps, conversion optimization, navigation & usability improvements)

Offsite External/Refrence SEO

Refers to placement of links from other websites to your website, also known as refrences. Below are some examples of possible external refrencing of your site.

  • Business & Industry Directories
  • Article & PR Databases
  • Other Business Websites
  • Social Media Sites/Networks
  • Blogs & Community Sites
  • Video Websites
  • Rich Media Sites

Performance Tracking & Analytics

A crucial component to maintain a Return-On-Investment. This includes monitoring progress (search engine rankings, website traffic & conversions) so that campaign improvements can be implemented effectively.

Campaign Maintenance & Tuning

Another critical step to maintain long-term effectiveness. Performed on a monthly or quarterly, as determined of Performance Tracking. Periodic analysis of competitor websites is also performed to maintain awareness of industry trends.

If You haven't already watched Google's Video on SEO watch it now! Matt Cutts does a great job explaining search and how it works, If your going to learn from anyone might as well be from the source.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a site for search engine ranking. SAO or Search Algorithym Optimization takes the concept much further by imploring a wide array of online standards such as brand, identity, reputation and relevance. It is important for a company not only to rank on a search engine but to also properly brand it self across the internet. SAO in a complete study and execution of your online presence, the optimization of brand visibility and awareness throughout the world wide web.

Optimization Or Optimisation?

If you're apart of the Global SEO community you have come to recognize that optimization can be spelled with an S, in fact it seems that on a global perspective most professionals have come to coin the term Search Engine Optimisation. Elite Solutions Has come to recognize the global market's needs, understanding global standards that can help your business thrive in international markets. Aside from the US Search Market, Elite Solutions specializes in providing Bilingual Search Marketing Solutions.

Why Choose Elite Solutions?

Elite Solutions has over 15 years of Search Optimization Experience, since the days of, and ( yes thats a long time :P ). Elite Solutionsis a company who understands search, not only from traditional Paid Campaigns but from the core source, natuaral semantic markup. Unlike most self proclaimed SEO companies, Elite Solutions is dedicated to providing complete solutions on both programatic and hardware levels, from simple websites to complete Network Infrastructures, Dynamic & Redundant Clouds that can power demanding web applications with virtually zero downtime. When chosing Elite Solutions you're choosing a relationship with one of the most diverse companies on the west coast that provides just about any type of computer or network solution.